My body is not a work of art. My body reflects the art of work.

I wear every decision, the good and the bad. I have lifted countless tons of steel, torn my muscles to make them bigger. I have studied and prepared, weighed my food in grams, counted every carb and considered every drink of water. I have no pads or uniform in which to wrap myself, no teammate to assist me when I fall short, no one to help me carry the weight of my ambitions and the pain that comes with it.

This is what I have learned. The stronger I make my body on the outside, the stronger I must be on the inside.

That’s how it is when your body is your body of work.

Zane demonstrating abdominal and thigh pose
Zane Watson doing dumbbell shrugs
Zane Watson doing hack squats
Zane Watson resting
Zane Watson holding back double bicep pose